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LJF engineering ltd manufacture both screw and bin discharge conveyors in various sizes, capable of
carrying a range of materials.

Screw conveyors are commonly used to move large volumes of feed materials (grain, minerals, compounds, blends and mixed feed) generally in a horizontal direction. Capacities vary depending on the screw diameter and operating speed.
LJF engineering recommends running screws with a maximum 35% box loading. This ensures the screw conveyor will run efficiently, eliminates carryover on intermediate outlets and prolongs machine life. We also design a reversible screw conveyor to replace a diverter where height is a restriction.
LJF engineering screw bin dischargers are designed with a tapered screw to encourage an even discharge of material over the whole length of the screw, this provides an even feed rate, reduces material packing in the bins and prolongs machine life.

LJF engineering screws conveyors and bin dischargers are manufactured from mild or stainless steel. Using only top of the range materials ensures the machine is built to last, reducing your maintenance costs and increasing your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and maximising your return on your investment.

We wlll assess the density, abrasiveness and corrosive nature of the material to be handled to ensure we design and manufacture the best solution. Our screw range is extensive and can be designed to carry a range of materials from whole wheat to heavy minerals.

Key Benefits:

  • Controlled feed rates.
  • Low maintenance costs

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