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Using the very latest 3D CAD software LJF engineering ltd can DESIGN and produce 3D CAD models, this is a cost effective way of reviewing and modifying the solution before going to fabrication.

The use of 3D wireframe and solid modelling software provides many advantages over standard 2D design allowing effective communication of design concept to customers.

We also encourage our customers to review our designs. Using our fully equipped conference facilities we can demonstrate the solution using 3D CAD software. Make any changes and see the impact straight away.

Once agreed and signed off we can produce detailed installation, general arrangement drawings and material lists can be easily generated from 3D models. Utillising the 3D model as the source for drawing production ensures fully coordinate views created rapidly.

Benefits of


CAD Software

  • Reduction in design time

  • 3D models improve communication of your solutions

  • Cost effective

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