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LJF engineering ltd manufacture bulk material storage solutions (hoppers, bins and silos) these are available in a variety of dimensions and profiles.

We conduct a full evaluation into the materials to be stored and ensure the solution is constructed from the correct material and that it is built to last. We also design the solution to best utilise the available floor space whilst maximising storage potential.

LJF engineering design all their storage solutions accounting for material flow characteristics, storage, volumes, hopper, bin and silo discharge pattern. Ensuring the solutions will operate correctly and have a long service life

LJF engineering provides effective well-designed silos, bins
and hoppers.

Our designs reflect:

  • Configuration that meets capacity and specified constraints
  • Bulk material flow characteristics that determine vessel
    design parameters
  • Hopper, bin or silo profile, angle, and internal surface
    required for bin flow design
  • Outlet dimensions and shape engineered to avoid poor
    flow and ensure a constant discharge rate
  • Discharge conveyor selection and design to maintain
    reliable discharge from vessel outlet

Key Benefits:

  • Constant discharge rates
  • Hardwearing
  • Low maintenance costs.

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