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LJF engineering ltd manufactures both pneumatic slides and diverters, these are designed to be reliable and long lasting and capable of carrying a range of materials. They are designed to eliminate cross contamination.

LJF engineering pneumatically operated slides have been designed and manufactured to high standards, they can be fabricated from mild or stainless steel. A single pneumatic cylinder is used to open and close the blade, this operation is controlled using a spring return single acting solenoid valve.

All cylinders are double acting with solenoid operation and a micro switch used for slide position indication. All slides are supplied pre-wired to a junction box. Each slide is fitted with a heavy duty slide blade with a bevelled leading edge and blade runners to ensure a free, easy and slow acting slide with a secure tight fit. All slides are fully tested before being despatched. A protective cover fitted on top and a finger/tamper proof cover fitted on the bottom. All designed and manufactured to be reliable, long life and low maintenance.

LJF engineering pneumatic operation diverters have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, they can be fabricated from mild steel or stainless steel and utilise a Kinetrol actuator with intergal limit switches for position indication. They are built to last, reducing your maintenance costs and increasing your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Key Benefits:

  • Dust Free operation
  • Reliable

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