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LJF engineering ltd manufacture bucket elevators in various sizes capable of carrying a range of materials. All our elevators are designed and engineered to last.

LJF engineering can change the configuration at design stage to dramatically change the handling capabilities and characteristics of an elevator to best suit the materials being handled. We will assess the density, abrasiveness, fragility, and corrosive nature of the materials to be handled and design the most energy efficient and cost effective solution.

LJF engineering continues to develop our bucket elevators to make them more efficient, increase capacities and reduce running costs.

LJF engineering bucket elevators are manufactured from mild or stainless steel. Using only the top of the range materials ensures our machines are built to last, reducing your maintenance costs and increasing your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and maximising your return on your investment.

LJF engineering can offer atex rated elevators,with explosion relief panels, rotation sensors, belt alignment sensors, bearing temperature sensors

Key Benefits:.

  • Heavy duty build
  • Side removable drum on head
  • Side removable drum on boot
  • Low maintenance costs.

Due to the constraints of a modern feed plant (to minimise labour needs and maximise the use of land) it is necessary to build multi-storey levels, rather than horizontally arranged plants. This is where bucket elevators are an essential part of the feed plant.
Bucket Elevators are a simple but effective method of elevating materials through a feed plant. LJF Engineering bucket elevators are designed to carry a wide range of materials from whole grain and ground feeds to compound pellets.

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